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Update 22.04.2022

  • Added FIR DAC support for CT SD/I-SD ADCs

  • Bugfixes

Update 15.01.2021

  • Hardware upgrade

    The server is upgraded to up-to-date hardware providing faster optimizations while the feature set is increased.
  • Support for DT incremental ΣΔ ADCs

    The already available support for DT incremental ΣΔ ADCs is extended. Multiple reconstruction filters are now supported: a CoI filter, a matched filter reassembling the loopfilter, a sinc filter and the Zoomer algorithm, providing optimal algorithmic reconstruction.
  • Support for CT incremental ΣΔ ADCs

    The support for CT incremental ΣΔ ADCs is now stabilized and available in the main version of the environment with the same reconstruction filters as for the DT counterpart.
  • Bugfixes

Update 18.11.2019

  • Added development version for CT incremental ΣΔ ADCs
  • Bugfixes

Update 25.06.2019

  • Bugfixes

Update 06.07.2018

  • Initial support for DT incremental ΣΔ modulators

  • Support for DT lowpass ΣΔ modulators

    The tool provides now support for DT lowpass ΣΔ modulators. It supports the same feature set as the CT implementation.

Update 14.02.2018

  • New resonator and integrator models

    New modulator models are included in the tool. Dedicated resonator models are added, including an ideal resonator, a gm-LC resonator and an OpAmp-LC resonator. The latter ones account for finite bandwidth and finite Q. Alongside the already existing integrator models, a gm-C integrator is added.

  • Supsampling support in bandpass modulators

    The tool now supports center frequencies \(f_\mathrm{c}\ \in [0;2]\) normalized to \(f_\mathrm{s}\). In the initial implementation for bandpass modulators, the tools only supported frequencies in the first Nyquist zone. This limitation is now removed.

  • Load and store current modulator to file

    Modulators can now be saved to file and loaded from it again. This allows to store designs for later usage and also share them.

Update 14.02.2018

  • New website Layout online

    The design of the is updated. It is inspired by the updated design of the website of the University of Ulm. An updated news section gives more insight to changes in the tool.

Update 07.02.2017

  • Bugfixes
  • Basic Matlab export

Update 21.11.2016

Update 07.03.2016

  • Negative coefficients possible
  • Bugfixes for STF calculation

Update 08.10.2015

  • Multiple DACs with individual waveforms

    The model of one single feedback DAC that distributes its signal via individual gains to the integrators is replaced. Each feedback path features now a respective DAC with its own parameter set including a waveform and a local delay.

  • More ELD compensation techniques

    The tool now supports new ELD compensation techniques. Compensation via capacitive coupling and a semi-digital differentiator is now possible.

    Related publication: Using to Rapidly Obtain ELD Compensated CT ΣΔ Modulators

  • Bugfixes and interface improvements